BSN Essentials Chart

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Identify the related CON Program Outcome

For each BSN Essential, list TWO strategies or behaviors that demonstrate integration of each expected competency on your clinical practice area. 

I: Liberal Education for Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice

1.       Integrate knowledge, skills, and values derived from a solid base in liberal education to deliver quality care to individuals and groups across the life span and across healthcare environments.


*My health care organization encourages and promotes the advancement of education for all Registered Nurses through the offering of course reimbursements for classes leading toward obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing. There was an expansion of the number of colleges and universities in which reimbursement would be approved.


*Continuing education courses are offered through my hospitals On-line learning centers which promote and enhance the knowledge, skills and values of the nurse team. Leadership approves the nurses’ use of educational hours to allow the registered nurse to come into work to complete any necessary education.


II: Basic Organizational and Systems Leadership for

Quality Care and Patient Safety

2.       Provide leadership in the delivery of safe, high quality healthcare to diverse individuals and groups across the lifespan and across healthcare environments.

*I serve as a Charge Nurse on a 30 Bed Medical Surgical/ Orthopedic Unit. Responsibilities include the management of the daily operations and flow of the unit. Serves as a resource to clinical nurses, patient care technicians, medical and ancillary staff. Advocates for staff to hospital leadership. Am considered part of the units leadership team.


*In order to promote organizational and unit unity. I lead daily Huddles for team members which provide guidance and instructions on unit activities and expectations and needs.


III: Scholarship for Evidence Based Practice

3.      Utilize current evidence to improve healthcare outcomes for clients.


*Continually utilize Evidence based practices and best practice for all patients in the areas of Hand washing, Prevention of Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections and Fall prevention.


*I present daily reports to hospital leadership.

Coordinate unit team members in monthly audits. Participate in “Secret Shopper” to monitor compliance of evidence based practices.


IV: Information Management and Application of Patient

Care Technology

4.       Utilize information management and healthcare technology to improve the quality of care.

* I utilize Electronic Medical Records from the point of entry into the hospital through the admission data base and nursing assessments. Medications administration to patients through the electronic Medication Administration Program to reduce and  prevent medication errors.

*I present our electronic Get Well Network which is utilized throughout the hospital. This application allows patients to access to their medical information. At admission to the hospital unit, each patient receives an orientation and instruction on the utilization of the Get Well Network. We( the nurse) select specific and personalized educational videos specific to each patient’s admission diagnosis.


V: Healthcare Policy, Finance, and Regulatory Environments

5.      Analyze processes through which healthcare policies are developed and changed to influence professional nursing practice and healthcare systems.


*A professional practice council continually reviews and evaluates hospital processes and procedures. This committee is made up of hospital leadership, staff nurses, and ancillary staff and has played an active role in the revision of our hospitals policy and procedures.




VI: Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration for

Improving Patient Health Outcomes

6.      Communicate and collaborate as members of interprofessional teams to deliver safe, high quality healthcare.


* I am a member of my hospital’s Multidisciplinary Rounding Team which involves the Physician, nursing, quality, rehabilitation, nutrition, pharmacy and social work and case management. This team meets daily to discuss each patient admitted to the hospital to develop comprehensive plans of care and effective discharge planning goals.


*I participate in daily Safety Huddles with Hospital Leadership Representing my unit.

VII: Clinical Prevention and Population Health

7.      Utilize wellness promotion and illness prevention strategies with individuals and groups to improve population health outcomes across the lifespan.



*I provide our Patients with specialized educational information to address the Core Measures for admission diagnosis. These include history of Stroke, Congestive Heart Failure, and Coumadin Education. Patients are provided with 1 to 1 education in the areas of Diabetes Management.


*We provide each patient with a Discharge Folder upon admission to the unit. The patient is educated on the purpose of the folder and that all information is added throughout the patient’s admission. At discharge a comprehensive discharge instruction is provided to each patient. Any written information is placed in the discharge folder. Patients are informed to take the folder with them to their post hospitalization appointments with their Primary Care Physician to assist with continuity of care after hospitalization.


VIII: Professionalism and Professional Values

8.      Integrate professional values in the delivery of safe, culturally-sensitive care to clients across the lifespan.


*My hospital promotes a culture of inclusion and diversity for both staff and patients. We provide educational instructions in hundreds of languages to meet the needs of our patients. I utilize our language line almost daily to enhance the communication and to encourage a feeling of inclusion by our patients.


*We participate in programs which promote the concept of culture diversity among both students and staff. I do not tolerate injustice by cultures on my unit.  


IX: Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice


*All Registered Nurses are expected to have or obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in nursing degree within a specified period of time for each team member. The hospital has a generous reimbursement program, scholarship programs that are open to all registered nurse.



Discuss the role of accountability in professional nursing:

Accountability is fundamental and an essential aspect of all nursing practice. This accountability begins the moment when an individual makes the decision to pursue nursing education. It is important for the nurse to avail himself/herself of the highest quality of nursing education. The professional nurse must ensure that she possesses the education and the skills to perform each function of her job.  Once a professional position is obtained it is important to make every effort to provide the best nursing care for the patients placed in her care. It is important to promote positive values and ethical qualities of the professional nurse. Accountability is also important for safe nursing practice and patient safety. The nurse is accountable to her organization in which she is practices. The professional nurse should meet the values and standards on which the organization was founded.

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