Course Syllabus

The course syllabus is best viewed in the module Getting Started, which contains updated  copies of the Course Overview and Policies Page,  and the List of Graded Work.

If you are not enrolled in this course and therefore cannot navigate to these pages, please see instead this pdf copy of the syllabus. If you are enrolled, do not rely on the pdf syllabus, but rather refer to information in the Getting Started module. 

Here is the weekly Course Schedule (subject to change as the semester progresses).

Below you will see the Canvas auto-generated Course Summary. This lists Zoom meetings, which I will run and record, but the primary method of course delivery will be in person MWF 12:50-1:40 in NPB 1216.

The Zoom meeting times appear as 12.30pm to 2.30pm, but that's just because Zoom only allows meeting times to be scheduled in half hour slots. The meetings will be at the regular class time of 12:50pm to 1:40pm.

Course Summary:

Date Details Due